Friday, January 31, 2014

Wedding Memories: Part Two

Here is part two of my recap about our November 2nd wedding.  Look here for part one.

After the dress rehearsal first thing in the morning, the girls and guys split up to take care of a few tasks and then go get pretty.  My bridesmaids and my mom and I went to a place in my hometown where I've been getting my hair cut for ages, and the lady who does bridal updos and makeup was wonderful and very chill and calm, which was just what I needed.  I wasn't nervous about getting married, per se, but I was nervous about everything going smoothly for the rest of the day.  Taking some time to relax and have someone pamper me was awesome.
There was a point where I was the only one getting my hair done and everyone else was sitting in another room eating lunch, and I distinctly remember being in there alone with Alex (the gal doing my hair) and thinking “I am so calm right now. No one is calling me or emailing me or texting me or asking to make any decisions. I am so calm.”
While we were out getting beautiful, D and the other guys set up the rest of the decorations in the venue and then went to get haircuts and shaves. When I got back with my hair and makeup done but otherwise wearing regular street clothes, he and I walked through the space one last time, checking on details and making sure everything looked good.  They had done such a beautiful job.  He pays attention to details, that one.  Then we said goodbye one last time and it was time to hide in the bridal suite until showtime.

I remember sitting in the bridal room, drinking champagne and laughing and talking with Amy and my sister. It was only 2pm and I remember thinking “The ceremony starts at 5. We still have 3 hours? This is going to feel like forever.” But it went by so quickly.  Soon my other bridesmaid Heather was there, and then my mom, and then it was time to get dressed and then, THEN, then it was time to go get married.
D didn't want to see me before the ceremony but my dad did, and the look on his face was priceless.  He was so surprised!
D didn't want to do a first look, but we did exchange notes and hold hands around the corner from each other.  He wrote me the most beautiful, thoughtful love letter and had obviously put a lot of time and effort into it.  I wrote his on an extra thank you card while on the plane to Texas.  Oops.
He didn't seem to mind too much though.  He knows how much I love him.
Right before the ceremony started, the wedding coordinator lined everyone up, everyone but me, and I stayed around the corner of the building so D wouldn’t see me before we got started, and I was standing there completely alone for the first time all day.  I was wearing my wedding dress and my handmade birdcage veil and my beautiful white satin shoes with the bows on the toes and looking at my reflection in the window and thinking “I’m about to go get married. This is really happening.” and then I was so happy I started dancing and twirling around in my big full wedding dress skirt, just like a little girl. After what seemed like a long time I was still hiding there, waiting for my cue, and I was wondering if I would be nervous or freak out but instead I just danced around, by myself, while everyone else around the corner started walking down the aisle.  And then it was happening. My wedding was beginning.


Katie said...

You look beautiful! And I love the idea of exchanging notes around a corner.

Amber said...

You looked so so beautiful. I love your dress and you are just glowing and obviously so happy in all those photos. I love that you wrote each other letters and exchanged them around the corner before actually seeing each other. That is so sweet!

Loving these recaps so keep them coming :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Aw, I love these recaps. I can tell how giddy and excited you were to marry D! You looked stunning - I love your dress. It is perfect for twirling. :) The photo of you and D holding hands around the corner is so sweet!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Ummmm, I love this post. Because, even though I've seen many of your wedding photos, I never would have known about your solo dance party. And that is nothing short of FABULOUS!

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

You look so beautiful here! The puffy skirt is amazing!! And I love how calm you seem on such a big day.