Friday, January 24, 2014

Currently: January Edition

I'm trying to blog more and do a better job of keeping track of my day-to-day life this year, and when I saw Lisa's post this morning I thought it was a great idea so I decided to play along!

Reading: Last Night at the Viper Room by Gavin Edwards.  This book is about River Phoenix and young Hollywood, and I’m only about halfway through but holy hell, River and the rest of those poor Phoenix kids (including his younger brother Joaquin) had a really crazy, messed-up childhood.  The writing isn’t amazing but the story is so incredible I can’t help but keep reading.

Loving: getting back into a routine after the craziness of the last month.  I’m sure by mid-February I’ll be bored and ready for some adventure, but for now getting back to the gym regularly and cooking dinner in my own kitchen every night is pretty nice.

Thinking: about my dear friend Amy, who is one of the strongest, most amazing people I know.

Feeling: grateful for everything good in my life.

Anticipating: a very quiet weekend in which I lay low, cross some tasks off my to do list, and try not to spend any money.

Inspired by:  a new-to-me blog, Reading My Tea Leaves, about a woman in NYC who shares an incredibly tiny apartment with her husband.  One of my goals for 2014 is to simplify my life and try to resist the siren call of stuff.  Erin’s blog is an inspiration.

Watching: the new BBC documentary, Africa, with David Attenborough.  D and I are huge nerds when it comes to nature documentaries, and we’ve been waiting to get this one on Netflix for a while.  We’re trying to limit ourselves to one episode a night to make it last longer.  It has me wanting to turn around and go back to Africa right now.

Sad: that all of my Austin friends are reeling with grief, and that I’m so stupidly far away from them right now.

Working: on patience and contentment.  I’m a “do it now!” kind of person, so being patient is a constant struggle for me.  I’m working on it.  Any tips y'all have would be greatly appreciated though.

Grateful: for my wonderful husband.  I cannot imagine life without D, and I hope I never have to.  I am grateful for his love and support every single day.  He is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me, and I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to be married to him.

Listening: to Songza, my favorite new-to-me way to listen to music at work.  It has a better variety than Pandora, and I’m loving all the stations they offer.

Wishing: I lived closer to Austin.

What are you reading, wishing, and grateful for? Link up if you're playing along on your blog!


iris said...

I've been 'Reading My Tea Leaves' for ages now. Like most blogs, it's a 50% mix of stuff that is interesting (especially since she writes for Gardenista, as well), and a 50% mix of tips for living in a NYC-sized apartment that isn't all that useful here in Pittsburgh. Aaaand they're going to be having a baby soon, so the likelihood of a drastic increase in child-friendly posts is high. Why do all the bloggers have to get taken over by babies? But at least the archives are interesting.

Amber said...

I was feeling ready for some serious quiet after a crazy fall and December but now after three weekends of total quiet I am ready for some fun stuff again! Haha.

I am currently bored at work and very glad it's Friday :)

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

It's hard to watch friends struggle. It's especially hard to watch them struggle when you're so far away and feel limited in how you can provide support.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am wishing that you lived closer to Austin, too. It's hard to be far away when you are grieving, and when your friends are grieving. I am struggling with the same thing right now.

I am glad you did this post - it's a nice way to hear about what is on your mind.