Monday, June 11, 2012

Lago de Nicaragua

One of the first things we did in Nicaragua was to take a kayak tour of the lake.  Lago de Nicaragua, which is what we immediately took to calling it--rolls nicely off the tongue if you say it quickly--is the largest lake in Central America, and backs right up to the city of Granada, which is where we stayed.  The isletas de Granada, a group of 365 islands formed by volcanic activity from the nearby Mombacho Volcano, offered up plenty to see.

We walked down the mile or so to the lake and signed up for a guided tour with Inuit Kayaks.  Our guide, although he spoke absolutely not a lick of English, was wonderful.  Between vigorous hand gestures and D's broken Spanish, we mostly understood what he was saying, and we quite enjoyed ourselves in the process.

 Most of the islands are inhabited, although some are too small, too protected, or for sale.  The houses varied tremendously, from fancy, multi-dwelling compounds with satellite dishes to small shacks that didn't have electricity.

There was one island full of monkeys--three different kinds--who were so used to humans giving them food that if you got your kayak too close to the shore they would leap out onto it from the trees.  We watched for a bit but gave them a wide berth, not feeling up to playing host to a flying howler monkey.

It was gloriously, startling sunny and bright the entire time.  I was glad I'd insisted we both wear hats and long sleeved shirts.

Not only did we not get sunburned, we were also super fashionable.

You can take a motorized boat tour of the islands if you're not up for kayaking, but the noise tends to scare off any wildlife that might be around.  Out on the lake in the kayak, on the other hand, it is so peaceful and beautiful you feel like you're in a painting.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow that sounds amazing! That last photo is SO peaceful. I would totally choose kayaking over a motor boat. What a great way to see the area - and I love the photo of you in your outfit!!

Alice said...

so gorgeous!! i went to nicaragua AGES ago, but i don't remember doing much nature-y stuff aside from climbing the volcano outside of managua. i wish we'd done more!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I absolutely LOVE kayaking! Eric and I went for the first time during a weekend trip to the coast in 2010 and we will be doing it again on our honeymoon - can't wait!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I think that's so cool that you kayaked from one island to the next. What a cool way to explore.

The last time I went kayaking, it was windy and cold and I threw a fit, because I was getting soaking wet. So, we turned around and went back to shore. Later that day, Sweets proposed to me. Talk about a tantrum to remember!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I love kayaking and that looks like a beautiful place to do it! The lake seems so calm!

Camels & Chocolate said...

Beautiful! I didn't go out on the lake or hike up the volcano, but I saw both of them from afar =)

Nora said...

GORGEOUS! I had a friend who went to Nicaragua for a whole summer and he loved it. I'm pretty sure he made friends with a lot of howler monkeys.