Thursday, April 05, 2012

Last Wine and Love

This week is the last Wine and Love!  At least for now.  Maybe we’ll do it monthly from here on out.  Head over to Nora’s to link up and participate!

Things I’m whining about:
-The weather had been so so amazing, and then it got cold.  Not a fan.  I had gleefully put away my wool coat for what I thought was the last time and was sad to have to drag it back out again.
-For the last few days, I’ve gotten a headache every afternoon.  I’m not sure what’s up with that, considering I haven’t been doing anything different.  I’m already pretty prone to headaches so I know what my triggers are and try to avoid them.  Headaches that are seemingly random?  No thank you.  I’m hoping these are caused by allergies and will go away soon.
-My hair is disgusting.  It’s way, way too long, and scraggly, and I have so many split ends.  I’m definitely not in love with it right now and wear it up every day.
-D has been so, so busy with school lately.  Like, get home at 2 in the morning busy.  We’re pretty much counting down the days until finals are over (1 month!).

Things I’m loving:
-I’ve been reading up a storm lately, which makes me happy because I love reading and never seem to have enough time to do it, and I’ve hit on a string of good books that have me reading every chance I get.  Got any recommendations?
-Facebook and Gchat with my friends in Austin.  Love those girls.
-I can hardly wait for this summer.  Nice weather, boyfriend who isn’t in school anymore, more sunlight after work.  Summer didn’t used to be my favorite (hello, I’m from Texas, where it’s 110 in the shade) but now that I live in a more northern climate I love it.
-I’m getting my hair cut on Saturday, at a salon recommended by a friend, and requested a stylist who trained at the Aveda Institute in Chicago, which is where I used to get my hair cut.  I’m excited to get a trim but I’m also looking forward to talking to another Chicagoan about the city.  Yes, I’m a dork.
-I’m finally starting to feel a little more positively about living in Pittsburgh.  I wouldn’t say I love it yet, but I’ve moved away from actively hating it.  I’m sure the nicer weather is helping too.  Maybe by the time we move again I’ll feel about Pittsburgh how I feel about Austin and Chicago.  Maybe.


Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

It's hard to move around because just when you get familiar, make friends and start to like the place, you leave! But that just means more fun places to go back and visit later!

I've never been to Pittsburgh; I've been to Chicago -- love it -- but haven't been to Austin either. I've heard Austin is awesome though!

Nora said...

Thanks for joining in this week! I would definitely recommend that you check out the book called "All There Is." It was the insipiration for my post yesterday and it was SO good. It's quick, but it's real and it's good.

I hear you on the hair thing. I'm growing mine out for the wedding but OMG it's so long. SO LONG. I don't know what to do with it most of the time.

Hope the headaches get better. I can relate to how awful that can be.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Make sure to ask your hair stylist whether anything about Pittsburgh reminds her about Chicago? And what her favorite secrets are about Pittsburgh. Who knows, maybe she'll uncover a whole new world for you!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, that sucks that it's been so cold there! Our temps have dipped, but not that much! Ick. Hope it warms up soon! And wow, 2 am? You have one hardworking, dedicated boyfriend... I'd be excited for finals, too, if I were you.

Wine: I hate how expensive hotel rooms are. I booked one this week for my trip for a wedding and it just made me sick as I will basically just be there to sleep! Just part of travel, though, so I gotta suck it up!

Love: I get to see my family this weekend.

Alice said...

oooh, what books would you recommend i download?? i need to load up my kindle before sunday!!

with you on the weather thing. the kicker is it LOOKS just as gorgeous & sunny & warm as it has been... then you go outside and it's like 40. what the hell, weather.

iris said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaay, Pittsburgh. It's not so bad :)

Swistle said...

My hair is looking so dumb these days. It was cute when I got it cut, but it's one of those cuts that doesn't grow out nicely, and I'm one of those people who sometimes goes kind of a long time between cuts, so it is not a happy marriage of styles. Today I have it back in a claw clip so I don't have to look at it---but pieces are coming loose from the claw clip and ARG.