Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Paris Day Three

Day Three we went to Musee Rodin on what had to be the most beautiful summer day Paris has ever seen. The museum consisted of a beautiful old house and immaculate grounds that epitomized everything I think of when I hear the words "european garden." We got the guided walking tour listening thing for five euros and it was totally worth it. I will have a hard time going to museums in the future without those. Here is D being silly in the garden:

Rodin made some really cool stuff. My favorite was the gates of hell:

The audio tour portion on this piece was about ten minutes long because there is so much going on. Pretty intense, huh?

I also liked this one a lot. It reminds me of the art in Grant Park in Chicago.

After about five hours of Musee Rodin we'd had our fill and headed on foot to Notre Dame. It was quite a walk and we stopped at a boulangerie on the way to get my twice-daily dose of pain au chocolat. Then we finalllly made it to Notre Dame. It was beautiful, but really really crowded with tourists and beggars, just like I'd remembered it. Here's a picture of the outside because not a single picture of mine taken from inside looks even halfway decent. Why do the insides of churches defy all attempts at good photography?

Then we got lost on the Metro and consulted one of our many books:

Then we went to dinner with my parents and aunt and uncle at a cute little restaurant in the Latin Quartier. The food was amazing. D had some kind of raw beef thing and I had a croque monsieur. Then he and I wandered around the Latin Quarter and had a drink at the cutest little jazz club. I have no pictures of that, sadly, but it was really sweet and romantic. Ah, Paris.

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